Be Recognized as a Center for Literacy Education

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  • CLE BadgeTeams that earn recognition as Centers for Literacy Education (CLE) are the heart of NCLE.  By sharing their ongoing work, CLEs provide a window into how teams, schools, districts, and other organizations can work together to strengthen student outcomes in every discipline by digging into questions of effective literacy teaching and learning.

    What are the benefits of being a CLE?

    In return for their willingness to share, CLEs are provided with opportunities to be recognized nationally for their ongoing efforts. CLEs who keep their followers up-to-date on the team's pursuits:

    • become the first to be called on to spotlight their work in relevant Web seminars, conference presentations, and journal articles;
    • receive earliest notification of grant funds available for educators to work together on literacy-related topics;
    • have their work incorporated into NCLE blogs and newsletters, encouraging others to connect to the team to further grow the team's Professional Learning Network; and
    • receive recommendations from an NCLE Community Facilitator of relevant resources and groups pertinent to the current work of the team.

    What are the qualities of a CLE?

    A CLE is a collaborative group of any shape or size with shared commitments to:

    How do we become a CLE?

    • Register as a Literacy in Learning Exchange team and include a description of the team’s current literacy focus within the “Group Abstract.” 
    • Invite members of your group to sign-in using the built-in “Add Members” tool.
    • Complete the Asset Inventory, a short self-assessment survey of a group’s professional learning practices. Receive a report of the averaged results, along with discussion questions, to help you use this information to strengthen your collaborative practices.      
    • Publicly share your learning by allowing “followers” of your NCLE Exchange team (i.e., set the group options to be “open” to followers or “moderated”) and sharing updates of and products from the work you are engaged in together.

    How do we maintain our CLE status?

    • Post an update regarding current progress on the team’s professional inquiry at least once a quarter.
    • Update the team’s profile annually to reflect changing areas of focus and shifting group membership.
    • Take the Asset Inventory annually to self-assess growth and to establish new process-related goals.

    The NCLE Community Facilitators provide support to your group throughout this process by pointing to resources relevant to your work and helping your group find others in the network with similar needs and interests.

    To learn more about what it means to be a Center for Literacy Education, contact NCLE directly.