Teaching Literacy Across Content Areas

  • Topics: Vocabulary
  • Selected Literacy Topics: Content Area Literacies
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  • This collection of resources provides multiple tools and strategies for developing literacy across the content areas. Doug Fisher and colleagues lead a web-seminar about building a schoolwide culture focused on literacy across the content areas where multiple instructional strategies are shared.  In addition,  Heather Lattimer writes about developing academic vocabulary in a chapter from her book Reading for Learning: Using Discipline-Based Texts to Build Content Knowledge.

    View the 25-minute video clip of web seminar excerpts in which educators from across the disciplines demonstrate strategies they include in their instructional routine as part of an intentional  schoolwide vocabulary initiative.

    Interested in learning more? View the full 60-minute Web Seminar titled On Teaching Content: Building a Schoolwide Culture.

    The web seminar linked above is in a file format that requires you to have the most recent version of Java installed on your electronic device. Please visit the Java website to download and install Java.

    In addition, read the chapter Developing Academic Vocabulary from Heather Lattimer's Reading for Learning: Using Discipline-Based Texts to Build Content Knowledge (attached below).

    Developing Academic Vocabulary (.pdf)1.67 MB