• 02/25/15
    • Who we are: A brief description of your group and those impacted by your group’s work
    • Shared focus: What is your team working on together and what’s the evidence to indicate that this is an area of need?
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    After watching the Reader's Workshop video: http://bcove.me/zmmwihwu

    What are the big thoughts that stick out in relation to the components of Balanced Literacy, comprehension strategies, and the use of GRR?

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    Hi Everyone!

    I thank everyone for the amazing opportunity to help create a new literacy program.  This was such an innovative ideal to combine literacy with inquiry-based science activity.  I really enjoyed teaching the K-1 students and look forward to helping out next summer.  Again, thanks for this great experience and support from teachers and staff.  I cherish everything that I have learned and am excited to take my experiences with me into the classroom this upcoming school year.

    Jennifer Brown

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    Dear Colleagues,

  • 04/10/13
  • 02/23/13

    On February 20th, NCLE held its first "Sharing Our Practices" web event with a focus on strengthening family / school partnerships.  Holding shared agreements that the education of America's children is best accomplished through partnership.  Educator panelists shared with one another and the audience the current status of three different initiatives.  Urbana Middle School described their recent Lesson Studio for Parents event, Washoe County School District shared their Parent University initiative, and Creighton Elementary School District shared their lessons l

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  • 09/07/12

    How can we as individuals or as entire organizations best support others through periods of transition?  A period of transition might be when an individual begins a new job or position, or maybe when a school or district adopts a new set of standards or a new curriculum.

    Share your stories of transition and the supports that were in place or that perhaps you wish, in hindsight, had been in place.  In what ways do these supports fit or conflict with the Domains of the Capacity Building Framework?

  • 08/06/12

    Hi, all,

    As the beginning of the school year approaches, it is time to revisit that mission and vision on our school's website. Are we living up to the ideas represented there?

    We have found three questions useful at the beginning of the year or at the beginning of a project. These questions help us have honest conversations about our shared understandings and our Work (capital W--about what's most important to us). These questions are related to Eoyang's "conditions for self-organizing systems," and we call them the "Three Big Questions":

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  • By: Stephen Lafer

    "It’s time that our professional community pulls together—at the school, community, and system levels—to dispel these myths and show that with proper support, remarkable teaching and learning can be sustained."  This is a statement from the invitation I received to join this group and I sincerely believe it to be true.  However, it is not true that all teachers are good teachers and, to make the case for resources a solid case, the educational community must define first what constitutes a good and effective teacher, this made sensible by our first defining what it means for instr

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