Focus on the Core: An Introduction to Instructional Rounds

Having its basis in the field of medicine, the Instructional Rounds approach provides a means of gathering evidence related to a pre-defined problem or challenge that a collaborative team is interested in addressing. This web seminar is led by members of the New Jersey Network of Superintendents, a community of practice that has successfully used Instructional Rounds over the last four years to enable participants to take a clearer, deeper look into the instructional core of educational practice.  The PowerPoint for this presentation is available as a pdf below along with sample tools and protocols they use when implementing this process.

Access to this resource has been provided by the Panasonic Foundation, an NCLE Stakeholder Organization.

Instructional Rounds PowerPoint (ppt)2.39 MB
Evidence Recording Sheet (doc)41.5 KB
Example of a Rounds Schedule (docx)14.52 KB
Protocol for debrief of rounds (doc)57 KB