We are a nonprofit organization whose aim is the improvement of the teaching and learning of English and language arts in the state of Arkansas. ACTELA provides a variety of services to meet the diverse needs of its members. These services include working with the Arkansas Curriculum Conference, offering conference mini-grants, recognizing outstanding language arts teachers throughout the state, and producing the yearly Arkansas Anthology.

Our inquiry question:

How can ACTELA board members interact and collaborate through the year to enhance our continuity, our service, and our leadership in the state and at regional levels?


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Developing Reading Skills

I often hear experienced readers talk about "the voice in my head" that they hear as they read. I even occasionally talk about the "stage in my mind" when my students and I read drama. I get the impression that my students are puzzled by these ideas and may not have a clearly audible voice that helps them hear Ruskin's challenges in "of King's Treasuries" or a stage where they envision the antics of Dorine, the saucy French maid in Moliere's Tartuffe

There must be ways we can help readers develop this inner voice--give it vocal lesson so it projects more clearly--so students can hear it better and become more proficient readers.

But how?




Meeting with ADE

Hi All,

So we have an exciting meeting planned with ADE tomorrow....I can't wait to share the highlights of ACTELA's ACC sessions and to share about the ACTELA service events throughout the year that support Arkansas teachers and students.


Most exciting, is the NCTE's new Literacy Learning Exchange where teacher teams can collaborate on locally-relevant teaching inquiries in order to build rigor and enact positive classroom change.

See you all at:

Arch Ford Education Building, Four Capitol Mall, behind the State Capitol.  Enter through the main door and ask for room 301B or 302B.

At 1:30! Thanks, Dixie