Using Evidence to Guide Teaching and Learning

This group is associated with an online course, facilitated by Scott Filkins, author of Beyond Standardized Truth: Improving Teaching and Learning through Inquiry-Based Reading Assessment. The group will explore the core principle that improving student learning requires purposeful observation and inquiry, allowing you to make informed decisions about practices and interventions.

Course participants will explore:

  • Purposeful feedback & the role of grades 
  • How to analyze patterns in student work to provide more precise teaching 
  • The role of talk in class as an assessment tool

Unlike most traditional online courses, participants are  committed to the 4 C's of participation by:

  • Creating meaningful materials to be taken up in schools immediately.
  • Collaborating with those enrolled in the course as well as those that take an interest in this topic within the Literacy in Learning Exchange.
  • Circulating the ideas and artifacts being created as part of this learning process.
  • Connecting with others of similar interest in this group space long after the course itself is completed.

As such, we encourage and invite all followers into this group space for meaningful collaboration on using evidence to guide teaching and learning.

Multiple districts
Rural/Small town
Mid-size city
Building administrator
Classroom teacher
District administrator
Instructional specialist/coach/mentor
Professional Development/Curriculum coordinator
National Council of Teachers of English
School Profile
Percent of each ethnicity is represented in your student body:
District Profile
Percent of each ethnicity is represented in your student body:
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