Inquiry Guide—NCLE Example

  • Capacity Building: Inquiry Stance
  • File Type: Tool/Protocol
  • Action plans and professional learning plans come in many shapes and sizes.  Quality plans should include the use of evidence in the development of the questions and goals, as well as in defining the types of evidence that will be used to demonstrate goal achievement and impact.

     This planning tool was developed by Michael Palmisano, a member of the NCLE Capacity Building planning team and author of the NCLE book Taking Inquiry Scale: An Alternative to Traditional Approaches to Education Reform. Groups using this tool are encouraged to pay attention to both the content of their learning and the process of their learning by emphasizing components of the Framework for Capacity Building.

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    Lara Hebert

    Great inquiry question!

    This is a great inquiry question, Cristin!  So glad that you and your colleagues will be exploring this question together in your Exchange group space. As you can see with the inquiry guide above, you'll want to check this initial question against your observations to be sure that this is truly the question you want to dig into.  What evidence is there that this is a need?  If this question were to be fully addressed, how would the outcomes differ?  As you talk with your team about these ideas, consider sharing your findings in your group space so that your followers and NCLE staff can offer feedback and resource suggestions to consider as you take on this important inquiry project.


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