Making Practices Public

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  • This collection of videos looks at a first-grade teacher and at visitors to classrooms at Billy Mitchell Elementary School as they reflect on making their practices public (in this case, through classroom observation) and the importance of educator collaboration.

    Classroom Observation and Personal Growth

    First grade teacher, Jodi Manby discusses her own personal growth that comes out of opening her classroom to observation.

    Benefits for Classroom Observers

    In this clip, first grade teacher, Jodi Manby discusses what she hopes the observers to her classroom get out of the experience both short term and long term.

    Challenges and Importance of Collaboration

    In this clip, visitors of the classrooms at Billy Mitchell Elementary School debrief and share how hard it is to collaborate but how important it is as well.

    Access to this resource has been provided by the Cotsen Foundation for the ART of TEACHING, an NCLE Stakeholder Organization.

    Carla Aranda

    Beautiful reflection

    What a beautiful reflection!  I resonate with Jody's mention of the unpredictability of what unfolds in learning and the art of her teaching experience.  I also appreciate her openness.  She raises the profession to an, dare I say, aesthetic level.