Nevada Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy Practice Exchange

The Nevada Department of Education’s (NDE) Striving Readers Comprehensive Literacy (SRCL) Grant extends to four very unique districts across the state. Each district—Clark County, Douglas County, Lyon County, and Washoe County—has begun implementing innovative and exciting programs and practices to address students’ diverse literacy needs from birth through high school. At this initial Practice Exchange, developed in partnership with NDE and NCTE, practitioners from each district shared current practices in each of four domains (professional development, assessment, data-based decision-making, and partnership). Participants openly discussed both successes and challenges and began important conversations that they will continue via the Learning in Literacy Exchange website.


You may view the extended excerpt (26 minutes) or browse by section of the Practice Exchange.

For an inside look at how this Practice Exchange was designed, browse the design guide.

In this first clip, facilitator Carla Aranda sets the stage for the Practice Exchange.

Giving each participating team an opportunity to name successes and challenges primes the pump for later discussions where participants can collaborate around common issues.  Look in on this discussion.

In this third clip, listen in as the facilitator transitions the group to the next activity while asking participants to think about the design being used to support their learning in this format.

After a quick share of successes and challenges in mixed pairs, participants are asked to rotate through groups organized around the grant’s domains (professional development, assessment, data-based decision-making, and partnerships) to have in-depth, cross-county conversations using the prompt, “Thinking about our efforts thus far, what are the key factors that would lead to better student outcomes if we got them right?”  In this fourth clip you can listen in on excerpts from these conversations.

As the groups come back together in their county teams, they begin to reflect on what they have learned from their colleagues statewide and make commitments for next steps, using this Reflection/Planning sheet as their guide. In this fifth clip you can listen to some of those conversations or browse some sample Reflection/Planning sheets from the groups.

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