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Interested in Contributing a Portrait of Change to the Literacy in Learning Exchange?

Portraits of Change on the Literacy in Learning Exchange provide a snapshot or story of one or more of NCLE’s core beliefs in action. The stories can be told in many different ways and from a variety of perspectives. What they have in common is a focus on sharing responsibility for literacy teaching and learning and the challenges and successes of learning with and from one another.  We intend for these stories to foster conversation and deeper learning among members of the NCLE community. (See “Guidelines” below)

Here are several ways you can tell your story (or that of other teams):

  • Original Text


Why Do We Have To Do Math in Science Class?

Integration of Information Literacy into the Curriculum: Changing Students’ Relationships with the School Librarian

  • Original Video


A Year at Mission Hill

  • Original Audio


Educator Team at Skyline High School Shares Their Collaborative Work


  • Repurposed stories already published elsewhere


Multi-District Learning Community Impacts the Professional Learning in Member Districts

Writing as Teacher Leadership


Contact us with your ideas, and we’ll help you get started!The Guidelines below will give you an idea of what we're looking for.


Guidelines for Developing Your Story

The overall story should illustrate one or more of NCLE’s Core Beliefs:

  1. Literacy teaching and learning is everyone’s business—in and out of school, across grades, and across disciplines.
  2. Professional learning through collaboration with peers and around topics or questions that strengthen teaching and learning makes a difference.
  3. Conditions and structures such as time, resources, and culture are key drivers of successful change.

Your Profile: Who was in your group? What prompted you to meet? How often did you meet?

Main Challenge or Question: What is the main challenge or question that your group was working on?

Professional Learning Activities: Describe one or more meaningful activities your group participated in, such as a conversation, a working session, a project, a discussion of your practice or of student data, etc. Also describe your experience of the activity. While we'd be interested in hearing the impact on student learning, the focus is not intended to be on the instructional activity that occurred in the classroom. 

Application: As a result of this activity, what changed in your practices?


a. Individual: Explain how this activity contributed to your effectiveness and or changes in your practices.

b. Organizational: Explain how this activity contributed to the effectiveness of your group in achieving its goal.

Now What? What do you see as the next steps for you and your team or your school? What challenges remain? What questions do you still have about this topic or situation?

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