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With time and patience, you could probably search online and find a host of innovative teaching ideas or fresh approaches to supporting content literacy learning. But who has the time and patience? And what would you really know about the quality of the resources developed and the context in which they have been used?

By creating a free login on the Literacy in Learning Exchange, you can...

  • Get convenient access to peer-reviewed materials from widely respected professional organizations and foundations serving schools, teachers, and students at all academic levels and in every community setting
  • Participate in conversations with others who want more than an “idea” or technique, but want to understand why certain approaches prove useful in helping particular students solve problems or express themselves well
  • Create your personal collection of resources by bookmarking resources or tools that are helpful for you

By using the search function or cloud tags, you can quickly locate information on topics that interest you most. And, by forwarding links to colleagues, you can help grow the network of educators who are collaborating not only to improve student learning, but to build the organizational conditions that make sustained progress possible.


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