True Stories of Collaboration and Inquiry

  • Vignettes: Short stories focused on a particular issue of collaborative inquiry inviting readers into conversation.
  • Cases: In-depth stories of a group's collaborative inquiry accompanied by a wealth of resources for digging deeper into topics of literacy and capacity building.

Featured Portraits

by Lisa Monda-Amaya, Haeny Yoon

This case features the work of a collaborative inquiry group that used student work to focus conversations on writing instruction and to examine practices around conferring.  The group was formed during the 2010–2011 school year as part of a district initiative that encouraged teachers to form self-selected...

Governors State University has been committed to supporting local schools in forming collaborative teams, engaging in hard conversations, and sharing data in ways that foster school improvement.  Their experiences highlight the importance of shared leadership and the principal's role in establishing a collaborative culture—...

by Joan E. Talbert, Jane L. David

When Superintendent Marc Johnson and Deputy Superintendent Rich Smith took on the challenge of turning around their district’s failing schools in 2004, they confronted a culture designed to perpetuate the status quo. Johnson and Smith agreed that nothing short of transforming the district culture would work to improve student success.