True Stories of Collaboration and Inquiry

  • Vignettes: Short stories focused on a particular issue of collaborative inquiry inviting readers into conversation.
  • Cases: In-depth stories of a group's collaborative inquiry accompanied by a wealth of resources for digging deeper into topics of literacy and capacity building.

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Motivated by a shared inquiry question, a team of librarians at Deerfield High School (Illinois) gathered data to support a push to integrate information literacy skills into the curriculum, and developed a fruitful collaboration with other departments resulting in a co-taught Medieval narrative project. Among other important outcomes: a change...

by NCTAF, NCLE Staff, Lori Griffith

Using a project-based learning approach, this team of high school teachers from different disciplines collaborated to identify an area in which their students needed work, then developed a cross-curricular project to address it.

Will implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools (CMS) intensify inequities that the North Carolina district has been working for years to overcome, or will it provide leverage for advancing equity, as well as excellence, in student outcomes?