Support for Designing and Innovating

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  • Selected Literacy Topics: Common Core Standards
  • Active Involvement in Implementation

    As districts and schools continue the transition to new standards, we must support and encourage educators to be designers and innovators rather than relying on prepackaged programs or solutions. (Recommendation #2 based on findings from the 2014 NCLE report Remodeling Literacy Learning Together)

    Leading Inquiry

    "We introduced the Common Core content standards and [teachers] were able to identify one and plan a cycle of plan-act-reflect, and really delve into it a lot more deeply than 'here are the standards, use them!' or the traditional sit and gets."—Sarah Opatkiewicz, Principal, Shelyn Elementary

    Learning Through Inquiry

    "What we have been focused on is 'Student Academic Talk' . . . giving student time and opportunity to engage in talk and conversation in the classroom about their learning so that they are fully engaged and so they deepen their understanding." —Carmen Kraska, describing her team's year long study during New Haven's Evidence Fair

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