The Why and How of Multiple Texts in Middle and High School Classrooms

The ELA Common Core Standards related to reading informational texts (specifically those on integrating knowledge and ideas) shows an increasing need for students to synthesize across multiple texts throughout the grade levels. Without being taught how to do it, however, students often have great difficulty making sense of disciplinary content they encounter when reading from multiple texts. Students often read multiple texts as if they were separate from each other, not noticing contradictions and complexity.

During this one-hour on-demand web seminar, Cynthia Shanahan explores the “why” and “how” of teaching multiple texts using examples from middle and high school Science, Social Studies classrooms including:

  • The kinds of strategies students need to successfully evaluate information across multiple texts within their discipline in order to communicate conclusions (including handouts to help you start using these strategies in your classroom immediately!)
  • Sample student case studies
  • Applications of these practices in several science and social studies classrooms
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