Writing Workshop Meets Critical Media Literacy: Using Magazines and Movies as Mentor Texts

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  • Selected Literacy Topics: Digital Literacies , Writing
  • Teachers are coming to understand the value of using a student’s interests, habits, and questions as a starting point for instruction. In this article from Voices from the Middle (December 2007), teacher Emily Skinner introduces “Teenage Addiction,” a voluntary seventh-grade after-school writing/popular culture club that helped students view popular culture through a critical lens and then write about it.  In constructing the club, the author says she hoped "to create a space that validated and capitalized upon both the girls’ academic literacies and their new literacies in ways that were meaningful, relevant, and significant to their lives."  She includes a chart outlining an array of activities the club engaged in, including creating a concept map, analyzing websites, notebook writing,  critiquing magazines, drawing upon writing processes of published authors, and deciding on a group publishing project.


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